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Jernigan Capital, Inc. Announces Taxable Composition of 2017 Distributions

January 26, 2018 4:05 PM EST

Jernigan Capital, Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE: JCAP) announced today the taxable composition of its 2017 distributions paid to shareholders on its common stock. The amount of distribution referred to as return of capital is considered by US tax law to be a return of invested capital and is not currently taxable to the extent of shareholder basis. Shareholders are advised to consult with their tax advisors with respect to the individual consequences of the distributions. The composition presented is applicable to all dividend distributions during 2017. The classifications for 2017 are as follows:






Distributions Per


Ordinary Taxable




Unrecaptured Sec.
1250 Gain


Return of

1/3/2017   1/13/2017   $0.35   8.81%   0.00%   0.00%   91.19%
4/3/2017   4/14/2017   $0.35   8.81%   0.00%   0.00%   91.19%
7/3/2017   7/14/2017   $0.35   8.81%   0.00%   0.00%   91.19%
10/2/2017   10/13/2017   $0.35   8.81%   0.00%   0.00%   91.19%

This release is based on the preliminary work the Company has performed on its filings and is subject to correction or adjustment based on the completion of those filings. The Company is releasing information at this time to aid those required to distribute 1099s on the Company’s dividends. No material change in the taxable composition is expected. The fourth quarter 2017 distribution made to shareholders of record as of January 2, 2018 is considered a 2018 distribution for federal income tax purposes.

About Jernigan Capital, Inc.

Jernigan Capital, Inc. is a New York Stock Exchange-listed real estate investment trust (NYSE: JCAP) that provides debt and equity capital to private developers, owners, and operators of self-storage facilities. Our mission is to be the preeminent capital partner for self-storage entrepreneurs nationwide by offering creative solutions through an experienced team demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, dedication, excellence and community, while maximizing shareholder value. The Jernigan Capital team has extensive experience in over 100 U.S. markets—from acquiring and managing self-storage properties to new self-storage development—providing JCAP with knowledge unmatched by any lender, broker or advisor to the sector. Jernigan Capital is the only source of construction and development capital focused solely on the self-storage sector.

Forward-Looking Statements

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